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The “2007 Women Helping Women: Business Opportunity Expo & Luncheon” was a huge success with over 300 women attending!
- Mommy Mentors is a
nurturing support network of women helping other women grow personally and professionally
- give and receive support in our warm on-line community
- share your knowledge, experience and ideas
- get information and simple tips that can change your life
- showcase your business and develop new contacts
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This Month's Featured Mom
Deb Rosen
Featured Business Showcase
Diane Jenkins - VIA Mannequins, LLC
Mommy Mentors - A Women's Community


If you are a woman, mother, or business owner seeking community, support, inspiration, networking or business opportunities than You have come to the right place. 

Mommy Mentors was founded in 2004 as a resource for all women-- young and old, single, married or divorced, mother or not --to come to find support, understanding and inspiration. We provide this through a network of partners who share their experiences, strengths and hopes. Mommy Mentors holds certain ideas sacred above all others. These are family, motherhood and friendship. Mommy Mentors partners use the power of their own real life experiences to give hope and inspiration to those that need it.  
The Mommy Mentor Mission
Mommy Mentors believes that by sharing our experiences we help each other to capitalize on our strengths, build on our weaknesses and grow personally and professionally.
Mommy Mentor Objectives
Mommy Mentors focuses on nurturing our relationships, our families and ourselves. We provide a support system to help and encourage women everywhere in the areas of business, relationships and life’s challenges.
Mommy Mentor Outlook
All women regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, religious or cultural affiliation share many common experiences and concerns; these commonalities and common threads bind us together and are precious. Mommy Mentors’ purpose is to help us learn from one another. We learn as we share our experience, strengths and hopes. Though we come from all walks of life, we are able to connect women with other women with common needs. At Mommy Mentors, we firmly believe the most powerful lessons are those learned through real life experiences.
Our Goal

We believe that there is a balance between having a family and owning a business. On this site, you have the opportunity to find a variety of income producing home-based businesses and the support needed to create a viable business. If you are yearning to be at home with your children, attend to your family’s needs and still feel productive, vibrant, and connected we can help. If you need help with an established home-based business, we have consultants you may contact. If you are a business women looking for support, our members can help.

Mommy Mentors is the one site where women can find the Resources they need,
FIND:    Ideas for starting their home based business,
              Networking opportunities to grow their businesses,
              Support for mothers working from home
              Consultants for home based businesses
AND more…..

Mommy Mentors sponsors networking luncheons, seminars, articles, a “What’s New” section, and more, to help working moms and work-from-home moms grow personally and professionally.

Join our free Mommy Mentor tele-seminars: Which home-based business is right for you, join our tele-seminars. Want to know how to market your business, join our tele-seminars. Need to increase your sales or find the key to successful networking, join our tele-seminars.  We also provide our members with monthly newsletters to keep mothers/women in business informed as well as a member directory that has the unique capacity to showcase member business as well!

Because we seek balance in all areas of our lives, we have included a network of home-based business that make shopping simple as well. Looking for the right accessories (clothing, jewelry, skin care, etc) we have it. Need women’s clothing, children’s clothing, toys, organic cleaning products, we have the connections for you.

We are glad you stopped by and hope you will join our ever growing community.
Your voice is very important to us. Let us know your thoughts, your concerns, and your suggestions. For more information, use our “contact us button.”

Mommy Mentor Partners
All moms are encouraged to join Mommy Mentors and to submit their stories to the Mommy Mentor Project. A great story is as valuable as a good friendship. Sharing our life experiences is one of the most powerful ways to help others. That’s what Mommy Mentors is all about.
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