Mommy Mentors Project
Moms mentor other moms
South Florida Parenting May 2006 - Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties

Sisters are doing it for themselves, following in the footsteps of Princess Diana, Marie Curie and Maya Angelou at the Mom’s Business Mastermind Group, New to South Florida.

Barbara Theodosiou, founder of Mommy Mentors, says the group brings a needed support system to not only mothers but also women of all ages who want to start or build businesses or careers.

“We bring women into the community to speak to these women,” says Theodosiou, the group’s leader since its inception in 2004. She is creating a series of CD’s and a book series, “Letters to Our Younger Selves.”

“We want to draw advice on what we have learned through our lives and help others,” she says.

The group offers advice, feedback, sounding boards, monthly workshops and speakers.

“I’m most proud of helping women connect to each other,” Theodosiou says. “We can connect and grow through our own personal experiences.”

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