Mommy Mentors Project
One Woman's Vision Inspires Many

A special woman' is the driving force, behind and founder of Mommy Mentors, an online women's community founded in 2004. It is the brainchild of Barbara Theodosiou, who herself has been an inspiration to many women for a number of years now. Relating stories and personal experiences from her own life as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, degreed educator, and humanitarian, Barbara felt there was a great need for an organization that brought women together to share their strengths, experiences and hopes.

Mommy Mentors is of the belief that women from all races, nationalities, ethnicities, religions and cultures may have many differences. However, they also share many commonalities. It is these common feelings and common threads that bind them together that are precious. Mommy Mentors' purpose is to help women learn from one another by sharing their experiences in the form of new relationships, stories, presentations and other venues. Members come from all walks of life and Mommy Mentors connects women with others who understand their needs. Mommy Mentors firmly believes that there is nothing more powerful than the lessons learned from real life experiences.

The organization provides a nurturing support network of women helping other women grow" personally and professionally in all aspects of their daily lives. The Mommy Mentor mission is to encourage and assist every woman to share her inspirations, hopes and dreams with other women throughout the world, and that by sharing their weaknesses women can build strength, and by sharing their strengths they can become stronger. The Women's Business Mastermind Group, a subsidiary of Mommy Mentors, is an organization devoted to women helping women in their businesses as well as with their families, loved ones, and their own growth and well being.

The key, Ms. Theodosiou says is to remain "open-minded" and trust in other Mommy Mentors. Mommy Mentors is not a religious or political group however members believe in and n try to live by a set of principles, spiritual in nature, that help guide them to make healthy, life nurturing decisions; not only for themselves, but for the benefit of their families, businesses and communities as well. Mommy Mentors holds certain ideals sacred above all others. These are family, motherhood and friendship. The organization is founded on an ethical and moral doctrine of Honesty, Charity, Family, Humility, Integrity, Faith, Hope and Liberty.

All moms are encouraged to join Mommy Mentors and to submit their stories to the Mommy Mentor Project. A great story is as valuable as a good friendship. Sharing life experiences is one of the most powerful ways to help others. That's what Mommy Mentors is all about. Mommy Mentors partners use the power of members' real life experiences to give hope and inspiration to those that need it. It rests on the belief that we all have something worthwhile to share with one another. Purely and simply: we are all special; we can all learn and prosper from each other's life experiences, and together we can accomplish what we could not do alone!

Ms. Theodosiou has touched many lives and has received much deserved praise. Here is a sampling of what others have said of the help they have received as a result of Barbara's vision:

"The Mommy Mentors Women's Mastermind Group has altered my life dramatically! I have formed relationships that inspire and motivate me to be my best self."

"The Mommy Mentors Mastermind Group has been a huge inspiration and resource for me! The women I have met through the group have offered so many connections and contacts for my business, as well as love and compassion. Knowing there is a network of talented successful women that I can count on for support in my personal and professional life is extremely comforting, and who doesn't need that!"

"Mommy Mentors provides a much more personal way to network. The meetings allow me to introduce myself to potential clients and referral sources without the usual small talk and business card exchange"

"After years of being self-employed and creating my own opportunities, it was brought to my attention that if we want what we have never had, we need to work with a team. This concept has freed my spirit and that is why I am so happy to be part of such an amazing group of women who are seeking the same thing."

"The first [Mommy Mentors experience] was one of the most inspirational evenings that I have ever spent. I met women going through many of the same struggles I was going through, with success stories that are driving me to accomplish goals I never expected to reach. The women I met and spoke with seemed to feel the same way I felt. One of these special women approached me offering to help me in a way that has changed my entire life. She is an Eyewear Makeover Specialist and she convinced me that I could see and look as normal as anyone with the right pair of glasses. I never dreamed this to be possible as I have been almost legally blind wearing glasses my whole life. With the new pair of glasses she gave me, I have gained thin beautiful glasses offering me confidence in myself that I never had before. And, this is only a sample of the kindness and inspiration that Mommy Mentors has taught me - that one should never give up; success is within reach as long as you are willing to let others inspire and help you."

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